Ananda - In the Himalayas

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, the birthplace of the ancient arts of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, Ananda is a retreat dedicated to restoring balance and harmonizing energy creating an unforgettable wellbeing experience. Set among 100 acres of virgin forest, Ananda is built around the majestic palace estate of the Maharaja of Tehri-Garhwal offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas, the valley of the holy town of Rishikesh, and the Ganges River.

Located 160 miles north of New Delhi and easily accessible by rail and air, Ananda offers a life changing experience that consists of a delicate blend of the mind, body, and spirit - involving all the five senses. From diet and exercise, to beauty, health and cuisine, each aspect of ones being is taken into complete consideration while implementing a personalized Spa program which is designed to meet individual needs and health goals.

Eighty rooms, suites, and villas are built on a mountain ridge, overlooking the valley below, or the garden and Palace, and are designed in a holistic fashion with wooden floors, local artifacts, hand-crafted furniture, and marble bathrooms with sunken bathtubs. The immediate area offers activities for the adventurous spirit, from white-water rafting and trekking, to fishing and bird-watching. Ananda also provides excursions to nearby Rajaji National Park, where a full-day itinerary includes exploring the park via elephant in search for tigers.

Offering an array of outdoor activities and a diverse range of Wellness Retreats and delicious Spa Cuisine, combined with the ancient regimes and philosophies of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta, Ananda is the ultimate escape from the mundane to the spiritual, where every corner spells harmony and every color soothes the senses.

Address: Ananda - In the Himalayas
Palace Estate, Tehri Garwal
Narendra Nagar, UT 249175
Tel: +011 91 1378 227500