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Nomadic Expeditions has been leading exceptional journeys to Mongolia for nearly 25 years, introducing curious travelers to this mesmerizing and mystical land. Nomadic Expeditions leads cultural and adventure expeditions across the entire country, from the rugged Altai Mountains in the west and the stunning Lake Hovsgol in the north to the vast steppes of the heartland and the rugged Gobi Desert. Nomadic Expeditions arranges both escorted group journeys and customized private tours.

Founded in 1992 by a Mongolian-American, the company maintains operations and offices in the U.S. (New Jersey) and Mongolia. Nomadic Expeditions believes Mongolia’s future depends on an ecologically based and sustainable approach to tourism, reducing the need for industrial development. As such, the company takes to heart the cultural, ecological and educational responsibilities that come with opening up these remote lands to tourism. In addition to Mongolia, Nomadic Expeditions designs experiential travel to Myanmar, Nepal, China, Siberia, and Tibet.

Landlocked within Central Asia with Russia to the north and China to the south, east and west, Mongolia occupies 604,000 square miles of semi-desert, desert plains and mountains, including the Gobi Desert and the Gobi-Altai Mountains. Most of the population makes its living through herding, and some 30% still practice a traditional nomadic lifestyle, moving their herds to established family pastures in the summer and winter. The Mongolian capital is Ulaanbaatar, which is located in the north-central portion of the country.

Nomadic Expeditions offers escorted group journeys that offer insight into the culture and history of Mongolia including the Classic Mongolian Odyssey, Golden Eagle Festival, From Mystical Tibet to Nomadic Mongolia, and more.

Customized private expeditions have long been one of Nomadic Expeditions’ trademark services, including planning complex itineraries for individuals or groups, arranging journeys and varied expeditions including helicopter journeys, whitewater river adventures, expeditions focusing on local textiles and handicrafts, and more.

Nomadic Expeditions’ Trans-Siberian railway journeys include exclusive train trips encompassing two different train lines, the Golden Eagle and Tsar’s Gold, designed to fit the specification and luxury qualification demanded of a tsar. Spanning Russia, Mongolia and China, select routes conclude with a Gobi Desert extension where travelers stay in Nomadic Expeditions’ luxury ger camp, Three Camel Lodge.

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