Nordic Luxury

It’s easy to disappear into your destination with Nordic Luxury’s extensive insider connections. Making magic happen in Northern Europe for more than a decade, their experts tailor exquisite Nordic experiences: schussing through winter wonderlands in Finland, exploring coastal fjords in Norway by private yacht, chasing the Northern Lights across Iceland and soaking in the creative vibes of Sweden.

Nordic Luxury specializes in private luxury travel for discerning individuals and groups exploration of Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. These Nordic countries are majestic and ethereal and the team at Nordic Luxury is proud to showcase their unmatched beauty through authentic and creative itineraries.

Nordic Luxury is a privately-owned tour operator DMC located in Reykjavik, Iceland, where trip planning starts with a blank sheet of paper. No set date departures. No pre-determined routes. No big blocks of hotel allocations to offload onto unsuspecting clients. Nordic Luxury prides itself on amazing guests with their knowledge, creative thinking, contacts on the ground, and logistical expertise.

Nordic Luxury talks with clients at length on their return from a holiday, resulting in constant feedback and refinement, resulting in the astute awareness that they are “only as good as the last holiday we have planned.”

Nordic Luxury can make pretty much anything happen … that's what they do. They have been operating at the highest level of the market for the most discerning (and demanding) clients in the world. They live for new challenges and take pride in creating unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and precious memories. No matter what a guest’s dream, it’s executed with the highest caliber of personal planning.

Nordic Luxury intimately understands the detail of each destination, and is efficient is using guests time and money. From the moment of the first phone call until the moment each guest returns, a dedicated destination expert is working to get more out of every hour of every day. Someone is on hand in the company and in the destination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they can’t sort something out, no-one can.

Address: Nordic Luxury
P.O. Box 3
121 Reykjavik, Iceland
Tel: + 011 354 4979000