Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates has formed a strategic partnership with Master Connection Associates, a globally recognized company that is known for innovative, energetic, knowledge-based consulting, training, and value added solutions. They offer a multi-level series of sales training workshops that can be customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. These include:

Mastering Sales Productivity (MSP)

”A Sales Skill Development Program”
This is a program designed to develop the skills necessary to have an impact in sales. It enforces critical elements of selling, including prospecting, time management, and developing an ongoing business relationship. This program creates benchmarks for your sales team and provides a basis for all future strategic actions.

Mastering Sales Strategies (MSS)

"A Strategic Selling Workshop"
his is an advanced selling program designed to strengthen the strategic actions of your sales team. It is a comprehensive vehicle to improve targeting, account penetration, strategic positioning, negotiating, and advanced presentation skills. It is the catalyst that will propel your sales team into the future.

Mastering Customer Partnering (MCP)

"Strategic Account Management"
This workshop is designed to provide MCA workshop participants with the skills and techniques to increase their sales success predictably. The skills provided in the former workshops, although effective, require further application techniques in order to ensure they become an integral part of a future sales success strategy.

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